Photos #2: Point of Emphasis

I was wandering through my apartment complex during golden hour last week, when I turned around and saw this spectacular photo opportunity. The dark walls lead the eye to the main point of emphasis: the mountains, which are the brightest part of the photo and therefore the point of highest contrast, and also nearest to the center of the frame. The end of the tunnel created by the two walls serves as a frame-within-a-frame, further emphasizing the mountains within it.


I was actually trying to take a photo of something else in the dark, when I noticed a bluish source of light across the street. Cars were driving by, hence the out-of-focus, bright white, orange and red dots, but the grey circle in the center of the frame always stayed perfectly sharp. Because the frame is so empty, all of the dots in the center are vying to be the point of focus, especially that white one in the lower part of the frame because it is so bright, but ultimately, it’s the sharpest part of the image closest to the center that initially draws the eye. It is interesting to me to see how focus, placement, and brightness impact which part of a composition is most emphasized.


I have a super hard time making decisions, so here are two photos where the apple is the point of emphasis: It is bright, colorful, in-focus, and the central part of each image, contrasting sharply with the dark or light backgrounds. Obviously these are both very intentionally composed images, and I’m sure people were judging the girl randomly photographing an apple in the snow at 10 o’clock at night.


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  1. Yeah I really like how the sun hits the mountains with a warm glow. That coupled with the frame within a frame makes this a really nice picture.

    I think it is really interesting how even out of focus things can draw our eye based on their relation to the rest of the image (colors, light vs. dark, placement, etc.).

    I like both of these images. Despite the fact that both were staged, the second one definitely feels like it could be a natural photo. While the first one is obviously very set-up though, it does have a cool and unique aesthetic. Also, I thought I felt awkward taking a picture in the middle of a neighborhood at night, but the thought of you trying to get a shot of an apple in the snow as people are walking by makes me feel better.

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