Photos #3: Deep Space

This one has elements of both deep and ambiguous space. The angle is a bit disorienting, but once you realize those are lights, you’ll recognize that it’s a ceiling. The two elements that help create deep space are size and perspective. The walls lead our eyes to the back of the frame and the lights appear to grow smaller in size, signaling distance. I’m kind of amused that this one happened while I was lying on the floor doing nothing. Sometimes good things do happen with no effort.

This one is all about perspective. The walls of both buildings, the telephone lines, the cars, and the stream of water all lead toward a single vanishing point: the mountains. The receding cars and telephone poles grow smaller in size, allowing the viewer to grasp the length of the parking lot.

For this one, I wanted to mimic the three-point perspective example in the textbook, and the SWKT is pretty much the closest thing we’ve got to a skyscraper in this town. If I was a VFX wizard, I’d remove those two lights in the frame, especially the bright one, because they both draw the eye away from those awesome converging lines.

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  1. I agree about the first photo—it is a cool use of ambiguity. I like how the lights get smaller as they move left to right, which is a unique angle for a ceiling. I have a hard time getting oriented looking at this photo, though, even knowing what it is. I really like the idea, though.

    I think it’s awesome how there’s so many different elements guiding our eye toward the end of the road. It would be a little nicer if the object at the end wasn’t a dumpster, but I think you understand the use of perspective here, which is great.

    I like how the SWKT is framed in the center, and really do get that 3-point perspective with the vanishing points heading out of frame. This wasn’t the focus on the assignment, but I also like how the blue sky pops against the brown : )

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