Photos: Deep Space #2

4:43 AM

So I pulled an all-nighter in the HFAC to get my fourth director’s plan doneĀ  early (among other homework) because I would be away shooting the capstone all day Friday, and I walked into the hallway and there were all these kids, and I was like, what, it’s 4AM, what are you doing here? And the picture looks like something taken after an all-nighter, or by someone slightly drunk, given its soft focus, but the line of lights and the people growing smaller in size down the hallway suggest deep space.

The line of tables growing smaller with the lines formed by the bench on one side and the chairs on the other lead the eye through the space to the back of the restaurant. The glowing exit sign and the yellow thing below it are pretty distracting, though. I also don’t like the people, signs, and other stuff in the mid-to-top right corner of the frame because they take away from the focus of the image.

Okay, I took this one back when I was location scouting for film #2, but I’m using it here now because I love how the lines formed by the intersection of each plane (floor, walls, ceiling) can be seen the whole way down the hallway. I like how the hallway is so long that the lights grow substantially smaller in size. DEEP SPACE!

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