Photos: Flat Space #2

That little green mark in the bottom left frame is distracting. But everything is pretty in-focus. The curved line of the plate just leads the eye back to the pizza. There is nothing but pizza.

This painting suggests little depth. It’s just a bunch of streaks on a blank white canvas – no changes in space or focus or any lines work to create the illusion of depth.

The shadow in the bottom right corner kind of ruins it, but the banana slice shot almost directly overhead so that you can’t see its three-dimensional shape and the uniformity of color help to eliminate any sense of depth. I was really hungry when I did this assignment, guys.

3 Replies to “Photos: Flat Space #2”

  1. There’s a tiny amount of depth here with the pizza, but mostly this is pretty flat. Is that jalapeno pineapple? I’ve never seen such a thing.

    Interesting how this is so flat, but because of the color of the lines and shapes, it feels like forest imagery.

    This is my favorite one from this week. The ripples are really cool, and I like the light glinting off the banana slice.

  2. I feel like the diagonal lines of the pizza on the plate create a little bit of depth, but the subject is pretty flat regardless.

    This next one is extremely flat, but there is enough happening within the painting that keeps me engaged and entertained in it visually.

    I really like how the lighting kind of bounces off the swirls in the pudding and makes it look like a whirlpool in motion. It is also an excellent example of flat space. Good job!

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