Photos: Flat Space

This image would have been more flat had the calendar not cast a shadow, but let’s face it, my bulletin board is pretty flat. And boring. The success here is that I managed to do homework without getting out of bed.

The horizontal lines create flat space. What is this bottle filled with? I have no idea. Why is it conveniently placed against one of said horizontal lines? I put it there.

Affinity of color. Normally I edit photos from my phone, and I could have brought out that shadow more, but I intentionally kept the photo as high-key as possible because the shadow would suggest a bit more depth. Walls that fill the frame = easy way to create flat space.

2 Replies to “Photos: Flat Space”

  1. You’re right—this is all very flat space!

    In your first shot here, the top part of the calendar is dark tonally, which also brings the image forward and adds to that illusion of flatness. The bottom part is white, and with the shadow, it does have a little more depth, but not a lot.

    I like the use of horizontal lines in the second photo, because even though everything’s in focus, the lines keep things nice and flat.

    Walls filling the frame, like we see in the last image, is another good way to eliminate depth. Getting rid of shadows can also be a good way to achieve flatness, like you did here.

  2. I agree that the shadows will be giving you some trouble. But overall, you have some very good use of flat spaces.

    Good job with the horizontal lines, which keeps things even and consistent across the frame.

    Also minus just that little bit of shadow, the monotone color really helps make the image more flat and non-dynamic.

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